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Band of Brothers

38 Spesh, Harry Fraud, Benny the Butcher & Ransom 

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Band of Brothers lyrics

[Intro: 38 Spesh]

You're a wizard, Harry (Ayo)

[Verse 1: 38 Spesh & Benny the Butcher]

I got a pistol and it's stayin' by me
I got a lot of issues, so my death is anticipated highly
That was me facilitatin' robberies
I'm like a hardware store, I take a key and start makin' copies
Kill me, it's gon' take a posse
You thinkin' wisely and I refuse to let you dudes patronize me
I charge a hundred for an eighth of broccoli
You heard about me, I got enough greenhouses to play Monopoly
Court cases, sellin' yay' in lobbies
Few bitches I fucked had ugly faces with amazin' bodies
I'm frustrated when a hater by me
I took my bank statements and made a diary, that's great advisory, huh
I ain't waitin' 'til the label sign me
I had illegal empires that probably generate the same as Ghazi's
I remember playin' on them side streets
Then I built the brand with my brothers, like the Wayans and the Isleys (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]

I know you probably heard I gave him crumbs
Then I made a run in rap, gave it back and donated funds (True)
Provided jobs for my neighbors' sons
Built foundations to save the slums while talkin' 'bout cocaine and guns (Same time)
My ex told me we don't date because I'm too self-centered
I spent more time countin' than makin' love
A contractor, I could make a plug
Like contactin' with a load and a number sweeter than maple syrup
That first million dollars gave me courage (Made me strong)
I'm FaceTimin' bosses, talkin' in the camera like I'm Katie Couric (Ah)
Can't hear you, my new Mercedes purrin' (Skrrt)
Ain't a day that I ain't earn or a favor a nigga ain't return
I'm booked in cities, put work in them same towns
Stepped on it, I came down with footwork like I'm James Brown
And don't mistake the shit that they say for the same style (This ain't that)
These street politics for civilians, I break down, uh (Break it down)
I straddled lines and crackin' rhymes
But this old school lack of mines look like I just traveled back in time
I shedded weight, my crew half the size (Half the size)
Nigga, I built a band with my brothers like the Jackson 5 (Yeah)

[Verse 3: Ransom]

Thoughts of matching us, then your plan's absurd (Yeah)
Could get you whacked before desert, you'll be tortured before the lamb is served
I handle birds like Mike on the roof, I'm likely to shoot
You understand my nerves, you would if you knew the depth of what Amber heard (Woo)
Judge slammin' gavels, the verdict's guilty, watch Ran' emerge (Uh-huh)
Bloodstained apparel, the furs is filthy, I damage furs (Doo-doo)
I ain't got no plan to splurge, time to hit the blocky
I'ma slam the curb, you ain't built it to withstand the purge
Get you killed for some grams of herb (Ah)
Dirt cheap (Yes), first night home from prison's the worst sleep (Facts)
Violated the first week (Yeah), I was raised on these cursed streets
An orphan to 'em (Shit)
If you don't bump into the devil three times a day, then you walkin' with him (Let's go)
How my wicked lawyer beat all them charges? (How?)
I'm off regardless, got some bodies that's decomposin' in lost garages
These crosshairs is how I cross my targets (Blap)
Live off the harvest with my band of brothers like we was all DeBarges

[Outro: Ransom, Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh]

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