Cover art for Eating Wings, Watching Tubi by Drew Skeyewalker

Eating Wings, Watching Tubi

Drew Skeyewalker (feat. Dave Colder)

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Eating Wings, Watching Tubi lyrics

[Verse 1: Drew Skeyewalker]

Nigga I’m just chilling eating wings watching Tubi and shit nigga
Niggas cant fuck with me man
I be chilling stacking paper, while they trying go viral
spin offs of what I saw, trying make the money spiral
so I play it like the dragon
niggas see these plays that I’m running, but can’t stop it like it’s madden (they can't)
fully loaded, no time for the lagging
make a freak bitch scream, ghostface, I be stabbing (you know that)
it’s hard being real around the influenced
never been congruent, always been abstract
shit a never change, but Im still choosing cash back
anything I want in this life I got to have that
so I got to run that shit up, like a half back
smooth nigga leave hoes attached like a SnapBack
I’m rare like a good steak, smoking like it’s half bake
fresh like I got crack on the streets, it’s a earthquake
all I take is one good hit to make turf shake
feeling like Ray Lewis, in a 87 Buick


Riding.. Yea
See ain’t nothing changed man
Just another day another dollar
Niggas just trying to survive out here. Know what i'm saying?
Sike naw nigga we doing good, we doing well
That’s enough ima let my mans get at yall niggas though

[Verse 2: Dave Colder]

feeling good, feeling great
businessman that administrate
we’ll be fine, we’ll be straight
out the gate, we can demonstrate
the who’s who’s, among the who’s he
to introduce me, was grant hill
without the bruised knee, she call me unique
the dark skinned tank davis, cold man
they couldn’t take it art, was blended with the blazes
was fire in all stages, back in elementary
we goin keep it burning for another century
we been out here rolling while they smoke essentially
potent in a speech, still was moment for the peaces
They couldn’t find a peak
i’m out here pushing, with a thesis tubi with the wings
but still the finest you done seen
and what a scene, she so serene
we bout a boom you bout a bing shit, what the fuck you mean
we mark the target with a beam, just to clarify you seeing
whipping out the European, this is not no Mr bean
shit was way mo muy bein, verses that should cost a Benz and a Bmw carpe diem
heart might stay inside museum, mausoleum, as medium
she been droppin off her pin, call that propositioning
from the am to the pm, in the dm tryna see
all this chicken with me live, no projection, no TV

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