Cover art for Lavender + Eucalyptus  by Drew Skeyewalker

Lavender + Eucalyptus

Drew Skeyewalker 

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Lavender + Eucalyptus lyrics

[Intro: Drew Skeyewalker]

Sometimes you just need peace man.
From everything in the world man.

[Verse 1: Drew Skeyewalker]

Don’t waste my time, I ain’t chasing niggas down.
it’s only one me, got stingy with the sound.
kings disease I’m stingy with the crown.
I get respect cause I’m crafty with the nouns.
direct deposits make my soul feel rejuvenated.
some ppl only get it when you demonstrate it.
how you feel when most millionaires ain’t educated.
I’m altering my energy that’s generated.
if you don’t see niggas around it’s because they hated.
or when it came time to work that’s when we separated.
I’m matching vibes, when you do that situations alter.
I grind too hard, I realized some niggas softer.

[Hook: (Drew Skeyewalker)]

[Sample plays]

Yeah.. it’s just a lil vibe you know…
Shoutout to everybody fucking with me you know..

[Verse 2: Drew Skeyewalker]

Tried to look for love but most Hoes caught in the web.
try to talk to em some but they ain’t gone hear what you said.
I realize why the OGs never got married.
I use to think love was safe nowadays it’s scary.
now I’m super cautious who I give my energy.
cause in the wrongs hands that shit can really hinder me.
here today, gone tomorrow just a memory.
that’s how it is in the 21st century.
I smoke my tree, and relax, just stay stay out the way.
too many ppl judge me, but idc what they say.
to be honest got to think less and live more.
easier said than done, my heart still sore.

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