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Break From Toronto


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Break From Toronto lyrics


That smile on your face
Makes it easy to trust you
Those in—
(Yeah), those in— (Yeah, oh), those in— (Yeah, oh)


This what 'Sauga feel like in the night time (Ooh)
Watch what she doin' when the light shine (Ooh)
Drunk niggas tryna talk in the strip club
Shawty silhouette looks like a dollar sign (Ooh)
Caught-caught up (Caught up)
That's just how a nigga brought up (Brought up)
Blow ones for you loony ass niggas (Ass niggas)
Straight bills for you Toonie ass niggas (Ass niggas)
M-M-My niggas bigger than the bouncer
Roll up in the bitch still smell like an ounce (Like a ounce)
Right quick, right quick
Tight jeans on so she feel my shit, ayy (Feel my shit)
Tell me somethin' good baby
Tell me somethin', tell me somethin' good shawty (Yeah)
Come bring it to the hood baby
Bring it-bring it back to hood, shawty (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
This what 'Sauga feel like in the night time (Night time)
Bust it open, shawty when the light shine (The lights shine)
Still fuckin' with the same ass niggas (Niggas)
I know you want a break
I-I-I know you want a break from Toronto


Oh, girl
West side
Oh-oh, ooh, girl (Know you want a break)
Oh, girl (That smile on your face)
Those in, those in
Face, face
Those in, those in

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