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Rock wit me

RIPXL (feat. Just Leek)

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Rock wit me lyrics

[Hook (4x)]

Yea (4x)
Come n rock wit me

[Verse 1: Just Leek]

All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom
Bet she leave I can’t believe she told you she’d be back soon
Now we in the wind wind top down wit yo friend friend
How many of y’all could I fit inside this Benz Benz?

[Verse 2: RIPXL]

Can’t believe she stepped out the benzo
Got hoes from New York to Fresno
In the A we parlay at zestos
Itty bitty waist she dance good to techno
Yea yea
Wanna get her in the back of the club
Yea yea
BNB all the holes showing love

[Verse 3: Just Leek]

When I dip you dip we dip,
Eye contact get to biting on ya lips
Shakira shakira baby don’t lie wit the hips
And the way that you move got a nigga turnin flips

[Verse 4: RIPXL]

What you know about me baby?
First time I seen you real talk you the one for me
Everybody in the function chillin
Look at me go away we dippin

[Hook (4x)]

Yea (4x)
Come n rock wit me

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