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Young M.A 

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Bonnie lyrics


Looking for that, that Bonnie man
Need a lil Bonnie with me man
Lil Bonnie by my side and all that
Lil Bonnie and all that
Bonnie, huh


You can call me crazy if you wanna
Shawty got me on some other (some other shit)
Shawty tell me what you want
I can beat it like it's bad or I can eat it like it's lunch, ooouuu
I dare a nigga try to front too
Go ahead and try your luck dude
Bust a move, that's a dumb move
My shawty 'bout it and she dump too
Shawty tryna tell me that she could have me sprung
You know who I am? girl you fuckin' with the one
She the type to go and get it, I'm the type to get it done
So if you wanna chase this bag, shawty let's go on this run
I'm like ooouuu, she like ooouuu
I'm like shawty what it do?
She smoke the loud I just sip the Henny, she like, "hit it with me,"
I'm like, "nah", she like, "why?" I'm like, "fine"
Now you gotta drink this liquor with me
You ain't gotta drink a lot, here just sip it with me
Let's get this money, spend it with me, what's mines is yours
And what's yours is mine, meaning you ain't gotta split it with me
Niggas be mad every time they see me with her
I don't even need the nina 'cause my shawty keep it with her
And when I'm on the road and she at home I leave it with her
'Cause while I'm doing shows and she alone, she need it with her
Even my ex wanna fuck her
All of my guys want her
She a slayer, I'm a stunner
She ain't tryna tie me down, 'cause I'm a fighter, not a lover
I run with her, and she run with me
She don't keep it a buck with me, she keep it one on one with me
I don't tell her I love her, I tell her I fucks with you
And that's just the Henny speaking whenever I fuss with you
It's better we stick together, so fuck it, I'm stuck with you
But if you disloyal to me than shawty I'm done with you
Don't ever think that I can't live without you, huh
I smoke this L 'til I forget about you, huh
So don't be acting like them other hoes, huh
'Cause I'll treat you like you one of those, huh
Then she hit me with that, "nigga please," huh
"This pussy good, you ain't gon' never leave", huh
I can't lie I be on it, huh
And I can't lie, you're gorgeous, huh
But if I had to choose, uh
My money is more important
Money is wifey, I'm sorry, I can't divorce it
'Cause when that money callin' it's hard for me to ignore it
But that's my lady, my baby, and she a boss chick
I buy her Louboutins and I just buy me some Jordans, uh
She ain't worried 'bout my last chick
And I ain't worried 'bout her last dude, huh
And she love it when we have a quickie, huh
That's why I eat it like it's fast food, huh
Even my ex wanna fuck her
I said, even my ex wanna fuck her, huh
All of my guys want her
I'm like nah man, that's my bitch
Don't try shit, I'ma cock it, let it fly quick
Don't try shit, 'cause that's my bitch
That's my Bonnie, my Bonnie
That's my Bonnie, my Bonnie
That's my, that's my Bonnie